Break Free from Stress and Anxiety 

When you’re struggling with stress, depression, and trauma, it can be extremely overwhelming. You might feel like you have no one to turn to who can understand what you’re going through. But you are not alone.


Brighter Paths Wellness & Counseling is here to help you overcome challenges related to emotional difficulties, mental illness, and more. We offer a wide range of services serving North Dallas, and nearby areas.

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Family & Couples  Therapy

Every family dynamic is special- at Brighter Paths Wellness & Counseling we can help navigate therapy that focuses on the family as a whole.

We also offer couples therapy where partners can gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflicts, and improve relationship satisfaction utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions.

Individual Therapy

Individualized therapy sessions to develop and meet short and long term goals. As a team, you and your doctor work together to establish a treatment plan for your wants and needs. 

One on one counseling is offered for all ages. At Brighter Paths Wellness & Counseling we have clinicians that specialize in specific age groups. Reach out to our team today to discover the right fit for you. 

Brighter Paths Wellness & Counseling offers a wide variety of testing and evaluations tailored to your individual concerns. 


Psychological evaluations can work as problem solving tools for patients who need to better understand their behaviors; refine their therapy goals; and meet challenges in personal, professional, and educational settings.

Psychological Testing & Evaluation 


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Mission Statement

Our mission is designed to strengthen and empower you. Your needs are paramount and drive the direction of services. Company goals are formulated to be flexible with the changing needs of our clients. Services will promote an increase in life satisfaction, self esteem, self respect, respect of others, promote a healthy lifestyle, and address issues that relate to improving quality of life.